Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Battle jacket

Festival season is here and a denim jacket accesorised with patches is a must for every metalhead. Let me show you mine!

Matter of the heart - that is a simple description of battle jacket for it's owner. Reflects his or her music taste at first and years of memories at second. And last but not least the time invested by it's creating - searching for rigth appliques and patches and it's handwritten sewing. It's a mirror into the owner's soul, so every one is an unique piece. Making of something like that is a longtime process with a lot of care.

Fans usually buy the jacket's itself and then starts to buy and sew patches. I started from scratch - by designing, construction and sewing the jacket.

I was studying fashion design for 4 years on high school specialised in textile handicrafts. The biggest challenge in third year was to design, construct and sew a long sleeved jacket. So I decided it's a good opportunity to create my "battle one". I know, most of them usually don't have any sleeves, which can be impractical specially in hot weather, but the sleeves together with 100% handmade work makes mine jacket special.

I started with sewing as first in my class - last January, but because of the difficult construction I finished last - June 2015... And it was still not ready - the second part of the work started - to find some good patches for it. It took it's face not before I found the biggest one for the back last August.

So which bands you can find on my battle jacket?

Added in 2015:

Judas Priest
All-time metal legend who inspired thousands of musicians to play heavy metal. British Steel is one of the best metal albums ever and the band was one of the first heavy metal bands I've heard, so I decided for this as my back patch.
Seen them live in 2015.

Rhapsody of Fire
Another big love, I found as a 10-years-old child. As a big dreamer and fantasy lover it would be a sin if I didn't love them. The long-time heart of the band - Luca Turilli - is a Composer with big C, his way in creating (and also playing) songs seems unbelievable and his music means a lot of emotions to me. Can't describe it in words...
What a pity he isn't member of the band nowadays. Fortunately he still plays and  compose for the band that bears his name - Luca Turilli's Rhapsody.
Seen them live in 2012, 2014.
Seen Luca Turilli's Rhapsody live in 2012, 2014 and 2016 twice.

Amon Amarth
Fathers of viking metal's present form even they don't like this label for their melodic death metal music. Charismatic people who hold their musician qualities for 30 years. They led me to an interest in norse mythology and all other viking stuff.
Going to see them this July and maybe in winter too.

As a 14-years-old girl I had a period of listening Metallica and Megadeth. One of my schoolmates was also interested and he showed me this German matadors which I found as the most brutal band I was listening to in that days. Nowadays I listen to a lot of more extreme bands, but Kreator became my favourite in thrash metal genre.
Haven't seen them live yet.

Iron Maiden
Probably the first heavy metal band I liked as a small child. My dad is their big fan since his school days, so I met their music very soon. He told me a story about me having three years - he had asked me which CD he sould play and I was enthusiastically calling 'Maidens, maidens!' In 2013 my dream to see them live came true.

Very interesting discovery on summer festival in 2013. Underrated group of three people with charismatic frontman. Their streety thrash metal/thrascore I simply like a lot and they were excellent live, so I decided to visit their next show in my country - in April 2014. With my boyfriend we were the youngest fans there which confirmed their underground possition here.

Def Lepard
Hysteria - their album from 1987 was a love at first hear. I like to listen to them everytime I fell for something pleasant and non-wild as another my favourites.
Haven't seen them yet and they're the band I don't wisht to see - I saw some live DVD which was tragical. Also people who saw them live told me it wasn't worth it.

Firing, melodic, charismatic, funny and historical. The time, when I had "Sabaton period" is already over, but I still like them. Their live shows are unforgettable, specially in my country, because Joakim's mother is our countrywoman. Their lyrics saved some history school exams not only for me.

My first band using growling and my most favorite nowadays! The were a door to folk metal and harder subgenres. Love their melodies and typical atmosphere. I can imagine my lonely wandering in Finland landscape with their music in my ears. Their music partly caused relationship with my boyfriend. :-)
Seen them live 2012, 2014 and 2016.

Patches added in 2016 (few days ago):

Arch Enemy
Growling woman and precious melodic death. What more to say?
Live seen in 2014 and 2015.

Heroic power metal legend. For someone cliche, for me a band, who together with Blind Guardian and Stratovarius set the standard in genre.
Live seen in 2015.

Precious heavy metal with two significant singers before the microphone though the years. What founded Udo Dirkschneider with his characteristic, unmistakeable voice, succesfully continues with Mark Tornillo.
Live seen in 2013.

Future plans:

Beauty and the Beast - best band to provide a connection of female soprano and growling. I felt in love with Simone's voice and also personalities of every single member of the band.
Probably my most live seen band - seen them in 2014 and three times in 2015. Going to see them this year at fall too.

Childhood love. My first concert I was there. In 2007 as 9-years-old child. It was a big experience. Seen them second time in 2012.

Sonata Arctica
Sensitive souls as I am. Whatever they would record, they will probably never dissapoint me.
Seen live in 2014 and 2015.

Best for listening to before something I'm not looking forward to. If you need to get into a combative mood, they're for you.
Haven't see them yet.

Crown princess of atmospheric black metal who brought a piece of fragility and feminity in this underground dogmatic field and not only by her image. I wonder if her talent is infinite. Together with Luca Turilli she's my big inspiration, I made my biggest artist work because of her music. I really wish to see her performing live and meet her.

I hope I'll find a place for this patches, maybe I'll have to use the sleeves. It would be quite difficult with sewing, but really original. And maybe I'll make the second one - a vest.

What do you think about my jacket? What about your favorite bands? :-)
Enjoy summer time!

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