Sunday, 31 July 2016

Crown Princess of Black metal

Hi there, network wanderers! Today I would like to tell you about a gorgeously talented woman on metal scene...

Crown Princess of Black metal - by this title I call Dannish musician an composer Amalie Bruun, known for her project Myrkur (darkness in Icelandic). Why? This lady totally shocked me. I discovered a review on her EP Myrkur in rock/metal magazine two ears ago and I found it as a must for my ears. I usually don't listen to black metal often, it's not my favourite subgenre and I have to have a mood for it. But Myrkur was absolutly different from every other BM music I've already heard!

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Battle jacket

Festival season is here and a denim jacket accesorised with patches is a must for every metalhead. Let me show you mine!

Matter of the heart - that is a simple description of battle jacket for it's owner. Reflects his or her music taste at first and years of memories at second. And last but not least the time invested by it's creating - searching for rigth appliques and patches and it's handwritten sewing. It's a mirror into the owner's soul, so every one is an unique piece. Making of something like that is a longtime process with a lot of care.

Fans usually buy the jacket's itself and then starts to buy and sew patches. I started from scratch - by designing, construction and sewing the jacket.