Thursday, 30 June 2016

Manna for your skin

I usually don't pay attention for advertisement, but that day about three weeks ago it got me. A brand of natural cosmetic which I haven't known yet was sponsored on my Facebook profile. As a lover of organic beauty products I simply had to open it. And that's the story how not a God but a social network gave me manna.

Manna is a natural cosmetic brand from Hungary specialised in manufactured soaps. Their website is full of superlatives and positive ratings, which makes it quite uncomfortable. I was convinced about the powers of natural cosmetics several times, but on the other hand I usually don't believe in miracles and miracles was the most served word on their website.

But when I realised that they use really good and 100% natural ingredients, it made me stay and think about a set of three soaps for problematic skin with guaranteed free shipping. I'm typical mixed skin type and long time usage of natural products helped me to avoid acne problems as much as possible, but it started to stagnate.

As a new customer I also got limited time offer of gifts for the first order. So I decided to try it and my wallet cried again...

The set includes:
  • Cleansing soap 'Eben' witch charcoal in 90 grams
  • COCO soap with tea tree oil in 45 grams
  • Peeling COCO soap with sea salt in 70 grams
I had to show you the black soap, it looks really cool, especially if you are a lover of black!
As a gift I got: 
  • Shea butter from Ghana with lavender ant tea tree oil  in 15 ml
  • Shea butter from Grana with orange and yang-ylang oil in 15 ml
  • Soap 'Olive' with extra virgin olive oil in 20 grams (not mentioned in order, found it in a box as a surprise)

A courier brought me a funny small cube with sides long no more than 10 centimetres. When I opened it, it seemed to me like a Tetris - everything has it's own little space and no more air. I found it cute. also the packaging of each product is lovely - recycled paper with simple, but nice design for soaps and small practical canes for shea butter. 

At first I was little bit afraid of using soap on my face, it seemed strange to me, but I know that natural soaps are a lot different from others you can buy in supermarket. I use Eben for my face, back and decollete every evening with cosmetic brush, the COCO tea tree one every morning and peeling COCO - salt once a week. After cleansing I use the shea butter when my skin is still wet to moistuisse it with this real natural wonder (I use it longer than one year). 

They proclaimed that combination of using these soaps and Shea butter would replace a lot of your skincare equipment like make-up remover, moistuissing day and night creams, tonic or face masks. In fact, I'm not sure at all - once Eden got in my eye and it was like having a horde of Sauron's orcs in. So my eye make-up remover stays with me. But it's true I stopped to use any cream or tonic. 

How do I feel about it after three weeks of every day usage? It's not fast as a miracle, but yes, I see my skin goes better, specially on my back area. On the face it's quite slower and I had to stop using COCO Tea tree, but it works. It confirmed my thoughts about products including alcohol - I should avoid them all. Hope longer time period of usage would definitely defeat my acne problems. If it's not, I'll let you know.

All manna products fall under COSMOS Natural certificate and they haven't been tested on animals. Most of them are also suitable for vegans. If you got interested, you can search and buy them here or here. They ship to all European countries and often have a special website for each country.

Let me know in comments how are you about natural cosmetics or using any soap on your face!
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