Sunday, 31 July 2016

Crown Princess of Black metal

Hi there, network wanderers! Today I would like to tell you about a gorgeously talented woman on metal scene...

Crown Princess of Black metal - by this title I call Dannish musician an composer Amalie Bruun, known for her project Myrkur (darkness in Icelandic). Why? This lady totally shocked me. I discovered a review on her EP Myrkur in rock/metal magazine two ears ago and I found it as a must for my ears. I usually don't listen to black metal often, it's not my favourite subgenre and I have to have a mood for it. But Myrkur was absolutly different from every other BM music I've already heard!

Yes, black metal is an underground genre and you can say "I understand it" after a few years full of listening and finding it's deep waters. Perhabs you'll find a local BM band from a small town you live in, that isn't a surprise. I don't have a great otherview in BM scene, but all the fuss about her person and music suggests that we are dealing with something special.

I was shocked and pleased in one when I found Amalie's music. What a fragility and feminity on field where a long-time tradition of maskulinity dwells. And I speak not only about her ethereal image, but my impression of her gorgeous work.
The fact she composes, plays and sings all the music absolutely proves her unique talent. Whatever haters say, cannot  touch her mind and also change my opinion.

A friend of mine, a person who is interested in BM for years, told me that he agrees with my statement of her great music, but the only reason for the increased attention to Myrkur is the fact she's a woman. Gender. He also showed me a band called Alcest with an argument that their music is quite similar and created by a man...
But it doesn't change the fact about "traditional" view on women on metal scene. If she looks like Countess Asithara from Dei Tetra, nobody'll say a word. But she doesn't and it highlights a secred prejudice about woman visage in metal. We shouldn't forget that the music is there on the first place!

I'm glad we have talented people like Myrkur. She got me for first hear of her EP and also album M released in 2015. I hope so for an opportinutry to see her performing live.

You can listen the whole album M on Youtube here.
Also check her Bandcamp account and Instagram profile.

Amalie is also a big inspiration of mine and under the influence of Myrkur I created my biggest design work ever which I'll show you next time.

Have a nice listening! 

Photos borrowed from her official Facebook page.

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