Thursday, 30 June 2016

Manna for your skin

I usually don't pay attention for advertisement, but that day about three weeks ago it got me. A brand of natural cosmetic which I haven't known yet was sponsored on my Facebook profile. As a lover of organic beauty products I simply had to open it. And that's the story how not a God but a social network gave me manna.

Manna is a natural cosmetic brand from Hungary specialised in manufactured soaps. Their website is full of superlatives and positive ratings, which makes it quite uncomfortable. I was convinced about the powers of natural cosmetics several times, but on the other hand I usually don't believe in miracles and miracles was the most served word on their website.

Tuesday, 14 June 2016


Wanderer, welcome!

For over six years I've sailed across the internet waters with blog written in my native language. After this long time I had felt unconfortable with it so I decided to pull out the anchors with a new shield. I was wondering about my future ways and then I've found an empty, hidden island which I named after it's founder - Þórví's land [Tho:rvi:s].

I'm at age of two decades, just accepted to university for Balkan studies, going to learn Serbian language and culture (and hoping that the same with Swedish - just a few days after entry exams...).

On my hidden land you can expect a lot of pieces of my ordinary life, mostly thoughts, experiences and my hobbies and interests: handmade - beadwoven jewelry design, sewing (I'm graduated student of fashion design on high school) & traditional textile techniques, natural cosmetics (as a buyer and also creator) and music (mostly heavy metal). I'm also a lover of history, old-and-today Scandinavia and neo-paganism, which may be included in my articles too. 

And last but not least I enjoy elf roleplay, horn of a good mead and sweet macarons! ;-)

Hope you will enjoy the pieces of my life on my hidden island!

Ordinary & elvish Þórví