Tuesday, 14 June 2016


Wanderer, welcome!

For over six years I've sailed across the internet waters with blog written in my native language. After this long time I had felt unconfortable with it so I decided to pull out the anchors with a new shield. I was wondering about my future ways and then I've found an empty, hidden island which I named after it's founder - Þórví's land [Tho:rvi:s].

I'm at age of two decades, just accepted to university for Balkan studies, going to learn Serbian language and culture (and hoping that the same with Swedish - just a few days after entry exams...).

On my hidden land you can expect a lot of pieces of my ordinary life, mostly thoughts, experiences and my hobbies and interests: handmade - beadwoven jewelry design, sewing (I'm graduated student of fashion design on high school) & traditional textile techniques, natural cosmetics (as a buyer and also creator) and music (mostly heavy metal). I'm also a lover of history, old-and-today Scandinavia and neo-paganism, which may be included in my articles too. 

And last but not least I enjoy elf roleplay, horn of a good mead and sweet macarons! ;-)

Hope you will enjoy the pieces of my life on my hidden island!

Ordinary & elvish Þórví

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