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L'Occitane Advent Calendar

Do you remember your childhood's days before Christmas? Probably as every child I was so excited. A chocolate advent calendary helped me with counting days remaining untill Christmas Eve. Nowadays we can find various types of these calendaries. In my country these are still a bit news. I must confess, I haven't know them since this year when my eye was catched by L'Occitane's Beauty Advent Calendar, which I'd like to show you. 

From all semi-natural & wanabe-natural cosmetic brands, some unnatural ingredients in their products I can forgive only to L'Occitane. I don't know why, but this well-known French brand got me somehow. Maybe it's because of my personal visit in Provence in 2015. Their perfume Pivoine I brought home as a memory. Simply said, when I discovered this calendar, I had to buy it (even though my wallet was crying)...

Packaging designed by Kanako - illustrator for My Little Paris - is really nice. It maps how L'Occitane creating process goes on and it looks very familiar. The calendar is tied with corral ribbon and contents 24 surpries - miniatures of L'Occitane products for face, hands and whole body. All products you can find in are listed on the back side also wih ingredients. This is really good idea, you know before what you're buying, but you're still surprised every day, because you can only guess which product will you find in next box.

Like a small child I was looking forward to 1st December to open first one. I haven't searched any blogger's reviews by those, who couldn't wait, I like to be surprised. So the first product I found there was Verbena Cooling Hand Cream Gel.

More than half of products are taken out now, only 10 days left until Christmas Eve. So, what do I think about them?

What's in?

1.12. - Verbena Cooling Hand Cream Gel 10 ml

I love the scent of this cream, but for it' cooling texture I found it more suitable for summer. Or for moments when I get burned in the kitchen (this happens very often :D ). But verbena smells realy good, even my boyfriend likes it!

2.12. - Ultra Rich Body Lotion 30 ml

I already have this in bigger version. I'm not a fan of body lotions so it will stay with me for long time. This one containing shea butter is nothing I would arouse with great passion, but also nothing to be dissapointed.

3.12. Milk Concentrate 20 ml

A lot of sweet almond oil and seed extracts for whole body. I like to apply it on dried places.

4.12. Verbena Refreshing Cloth

Honestly, I don't use face cloths, not enough cleansing for me. I planned to save it for summer festivals, but I haven't thought I will need it the same day! After eating something bad I felt so sick for next two days, so I used this cloth for removing my make up at the evening. I have very sensitive skin and it got a bit irritated after usage...

5.12. Relaxing Shower Gel 30 ml

 I go to swimming pool every week so every mini shower gel is welcomed. And this was totally my cup of tea! I've already used it out... It was a pleasure! Very nice and unobtrusive perfume and nice list of ingredients too. Favourite product!

6.12. Ultra Rich Shower Cream 30 ml

Already know this product, I'm not amazed much.

7.12. Pivoine Flora Hand Cream 10 ml

 I've just used out L'Occitane's Rose hand cream and new one was on the plan, what a chance! For this cream I was excited and I was looking forward so much. And I like it that much that I finished it today. I can recommend you, it soak quickly but also stays for long time on your hands. One of my favoutites.

Here, at dates 6th and 8-10th December I stopped to be sure which day I found these products, sorry for that.

8.12. The vért & bigarade Shower Gel 30 ml

It looks and smells nice, I'm interested about. I'll try it this week after swimming.

From the left: The vért & bigarade Shower Gel, Verbena Cooling Hand Cream Gel, Ultra Rich Body Lotion, Pivoine Flora Hand Cream, Relaxing Shower Gel, Milk Concentrate

9.12. Ultra Rich Face Cream 10 ml

Containing 25% shea butter. This cream is a good food for my dry skin and it perfectly fits for cool winter days! Testing new creams normaly doesn't go so well for my sensitive skin and I'm happy this cream fits me.

10.12. Cherry Blossom Bath & Shower Gel 30 ml

I'm interested, it seems I would like it much. I'm also looking forward another pieces from the Cherry Blossom line (shimering lotion and Eau de Toilette!!! - i guess it's the last surprise in!)

11.12. Soap With Verbena Leaves 25 g

I have so much soaps and I don't like them much (only the ones for my face cleansing), so I haven't even open it, this one will go to my friend. (As the second one still hidden.)

12.12. Essential Water 30 ml

Face toner! I have never bougth some toner, I'm only using flower water, so I like to try some. Thank you, L'Occitane! I will be thinking about buying it full size. I appreciate the beautiful scent and also the packaging with spray aplicator.

Haven't photoshoot that yet, it's the first one. I'm also interested in the second toner - fell out box 22 th December while opening another one. It stays closed, I'm waiting till that day comes. 

13. 12 Foot Cream Dry Skin 10 ml

Something I realy needed for long time! I use to walk barefoot at home and it reflects on my feet skin... Welcomed helper for my feet with wonderful lavandula scent. I have to buy it's full size!

I haven't opened my 14th December box yet, so here my show ends.
Maybe I can rewiev remaining products from the calendar after I finish it?

What do I think about? 

I really like this advent calendar! It makes me smile every morning, making me a little bit better day. This is great way how to get in touch with a lot of new product and find which can be suitable for you. Product's sizes are optimal for testing and also for traveling. I picked names of my favorites for next purchase. Also when you find a product you can't use for any reason, this miniatures can be a nice gift for your in-loved-with-cosmetics friends.
On the other hand I'm sure I wouldn't buy it next year. I know what to expect now, so I'm affraid I wouldn't enjoy it so much for the second time.

Do you know this calendar or have you got it also at home? What do you think about L'Occitane products?

With love


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